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How to Beat Loneliness, Stay Connected, and Build a Better Freelance Life

How to Beat Loneliness to Build a Better Freelance Life. Makealivingwriting.com

our coffee cup’s filled. The morning sun peeps through the window. And the house is sweetly silent. It’s the perfect environment to pursue the freelance life.

Or is it?

Being a freelance writer can be a lonely and isolated existence. Ever feel that way?

Here’s how to tell if you’ve spent too much time in solitary confinement:

  • The only voice you hear all day is the one inside your head nagging you about deadlines.
  • You get excited when a crow flies by the window.
  • You wish the package handler who stops by your house by mistake could stay and chat.
  • You talk to Siri or Alexa just to hear the voice of someone congenial.

Working from home in peace and quiet is certainly a benefit of the freelance life. And it can be a productivity boon. But spend too much time alone, disconnected, and it can throw you out of balance.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to beat loneliness, stay connected, and build a better freelance life:

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CONTEST: Win a Year in My Online Writing Community

Essay contest: Win a free ticket to my writing community. Makealivingwriting.com

Six years ago, I got a crazy idea in my head: I was going to start an online writing community for freelancers, where they could learn how to market their services and earn more.

When we opened the doors in 2011, I had no clue how needed this sort of all-you-can-eat learning platform was for freelance writers.

Next week, Freelance Writers Den turns 6 years old! And it’s over 1,000 members strong.

At this point, the Den is packed with 300+ hours of trainings members can access anytime, on everything from how to do lucrative types of writing like white papers, to how to find better-paying clients.

Curious about the Den? Well, we’re celebrating our 6th year by opening the doors and welcoming new Denizens on our anniversary date, July 11. We’ll stay open for six days (unusually long for us!).

And we’ve got a new way to hop in the Den — you can try it out with a 1-week free pass.

We always do giveaways and goodies on the Den anniversary, but this year I want to go crazy.

So besides free 1-week passes for all comers, I’m also giving away 6 free, 1-YEAR passes to Freelance Writers Den.

That’s right, an entire year of soaking up the Den resources, 4-week bootcamps included, the works.

How can you win one of those 1-year passes? I’m holding an essay contest. Read on for the rules:

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Why I Joined a Monthly-Subscription Bloggers’ Learning Community

Last week I wrote over on WM Freelance Writers Community about how important it is to keep learning as a writer — to keep finding opportunities to grow your skills. This week, I decided to take my own advice.

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