Writing for Money? Here’s What You’ll Earn in 2019 [Audio]

Writing for Money: What You’ll Earn. Makealivingwriting.com

I bet you didn’t know that I can see the future. It’s true! If you’re writing for money, now that it’s April, I can tell what your writing income will be this year.

Sound crazy? It’s really simple.

Once you know the secret, you’ll have a good idea what you’re likely to earn from writing this year, too.

I wanted to talk you through this, so I’ve put together a short audio recording that demonstrates my fortune-telling abilities.

Give it a listen…and then you’ll know what your checkbook will say at year-end. You’ll also find out what to do if you’d like to see a bigger number than my forecast reveals.

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Get More Leads With This Unconventional Marketing Method for Freelance Writers

An Unconventional Way to Get More Freelance Leads. Makealivingwriting.com

You want to get more leads to grow your freelance writing business.

So you set a goal to churn out more queries and letters of introduction. That’s how you market yourself as a freelance writer, isn’t it?

Those are two traditional marketing methods freelance writers use to get more leads and clients. And you should be sending out plenty of both if you want to get fully booked.

But who says you have to play by old-school rules?

There’s a million different ways to market your services, connect with people in your niche, and land more freelance writing assignments.

And there’s at least one unconventional marketing method you should consider. Barrier to entry is low. Tech tools make it easy.

One writer has even used this approach to get more leads, land multiple ghostwriting gigs, build authority, and ultimately make more money. And so can you.

Ready to give this unconventional marketing method a try?

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The Best Freelance Writing Advice I Heard All Year

Heard any useful writing advice lately? I have. Since July, I’ve been holding weekly live events for members of Freelance Writers Den. Each week, I invite a writing pro to guest on the podcast and share their knowledge. This has …

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