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Freelance Riches? Our Spy Report On 10 Writing Websites

Our Spy Report on Emerging Writing Websites.

What are the best writing websites to get assignments?

That question shows up in the Make a Living Writing inbox over and over.

And it’s a fair question. New writing websites keep popping up all the time.

And they all work about the same. Hand over your email address. Create a profile. And get access to a list of freelance writing jobs. Sounds pretty good, right?

But is it worth it? Can you actually make a living cranking out assignments through one of these writing websites that connect freelancers with clients?

If you’re new to freelance writing, there’s a pretty good chance, you’ve tried your hand at some of these writing websites. Maybe there’s potential, maybe not.

After talking about the scammy nature of a lot of writing websites with a police officer friend who’s put away plenty of dirtbags, I decided it was time to go undercover and investigate. What I found might surprise you. Check out our Spy Report on these X writing websites:

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