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Make a Living Writing News: Why Blog Comments Are Back

Why Are Blog Comments Back at Make a Living Writing?.

Ever leave a comment on the Make a Living Writing blog?

For years, you could chime in at the end of a blog post, ask questions, get help, and be part of the conversation about the business and craft of freelance writing.

And then we turned comments off on the Make a Living Writing blog in May 2017. At the time, there were plenty of valid reasons to nix the comments.

But things change.

The blogosphere is a different place now than it was back then.

And the rules of engagement have morphed on many social media platforms.

So now what?

One of most quotable lines from the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster Terminator comes to mind: “I’ll be back.”

That’s the plan. Here’s why we’re turning comments back on at Make a Living Writing.

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It’s Open Pitch Week: Editor’s Tips for Landing a Guest Post

It's Open Pitch Week for Landing a Guest Post.

Want to write a guest post for Make a Living Writing?

Now’s your chance to land an assignment. It’s open pitch week around here.

Got something to say or advice to share about the business and craft of freelance writing?

Maybe you’ve had a breakthrough in your business, mastered a new marketing technique to generate leads, or learned to leverage social media to connect with prospects and clients.

Or maybe an epic freelance fail, bad-news client, or claw-your-way-out-of-the-content-mills experience taught you a few things that might help a fellow freelancer.

If you’re a mid-career freelance writer or even if you’re just starting out, there’s a good chance you have some insight, perspective, tip, or technique that can help someone else…make a living writing.

Got some ideas for a guest post brewing now? Good.

Here’s the crazy thing about Open Pitch Week. A lot of guest posts pitches that writers send get deleted because they miss the mark, and some just totally suck. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s how to land a guest post assignment for Make a Living Writing:

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What it Really Takes to Make a Living Writing

It’s the question everyone comes to this blog with — how can I make a living writing? What would it take to enable me to pay all my bills just from what I write? The exact answer is going to …

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The 7 Habits of Highly Paid Freelance Writers

I am on vacation this week. Here’s a classic post that originally appeared on my blog. Enjoy! Now that I’ve been helping other freelance writers to earn more for a while, I’ve realized there are some behavior patterns struggling …

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How to Find the Best Writing Opportunities

There are so many types of writing gigs out there, it can be confusing for new writers. Which are the best opportunities to pursue? This is one of the questions asked me recently by budding freelance writer Barry Weymouth.

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Subscribe–or Resubscribe–to Make a Living Writing

Hi all — It’s been a rocky week trying to get everything working here on the new Make a Living Writing site. A couple problems remain that only you, the reader, can resolve. If you subscribed on RSS to this …

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