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How to Be a Freelance Writer: 25 Amazing Break-In Stories

Breaking In: How to Be a Freelance Writer.

How much time have you spent thinking about how to be a freelance writer?

If it’s always on your mind, what are you waiting for? Just start.

That might sound too simple if you have a million things buzzing inside your brain about how to be a freelance writer like choosing a niche, finding clients, setting rates, productivity, mindset, writing skills, and more.

But here’s the thing. There’s no better way to learn the business and craft of freelance writing than to jump in, get started, and carve out a niche for yourself.

Take one step, and then another. Move up and earn more. Get a couple of solid writing samples, raise your rates, and keep going.

You can’t do any of that if you’re stuck on waiting to find the perfect path for how to be a freelance writer instead of just getting started.

Be a writer, not a waiter. That’s what you’ll learn from the 25 amazing break-in stories from freelance writers featured in this post. Ready to get started?

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Is Freelance Writing a Sure Thing? Scam Alert

Scam Alert: Is freelance writing a sure thing?

Do you think freelance writing is a sure thing?

If so, there’s a newly minted online writing ‘expert’ who’d love to take your money.

You may have heard that if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

Well, if someone tells you that freelance writing is an activity even a “broke, jobless dummy” can for-sure earn a middle-class income with, because “anyone can write” and “earn a safe, secure income” from home (all quotes from this pitchster’s website)…please be wary.

Here’s what I recently learned about the wild promises being made to online writers about the easy riches that supposedly await them…

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How One Writer Went from Blogging to Book Deals — and How You Can, Too

Today, my first co-authored print book comes out. It has been a surreal journey to say the least. It was around 2008 or so when it dawned on me that the logical next step for my freelance-writing career was to …

How One Writer Went from Blogging to Book Deals — and How You Can, Too Read More »

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How I Wrote 35,000 Words in My ‘Free’ Time

Last summer, I got an interesting writing offer. It was to write eight chapters of a print business book. Each chapter was 3,000 words long. Pay for books isn’t as high as it is for articles, even after I negotiated …

How I Wrote 35,000 Words in My ‘Free’ Time Read More »

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