Getting Ghosted? Use This Writer’s Script to Break the Silence

Getting Ghosted? Use This Writer's Script.

Getting ghosted by freelance writing prospects?

It happens. And it’s happening a lot more during the COVID-19 craziness.

Some businesses have closed or downsized. Editors and marketing directors are scrambling to adjust to a different publishing environment.

And even without a pandemic in process, there’s a million other reasons you might be getting ghosted by a prospect that sounded promising.

What can you do if a hot prospect goes quiet? How do you follow up without sounding desperate or pushy? The right answers to these questions can turn dead ends into paying gigs.

Ghosting happens to everyone, even to top-earning freelance writers. Ever experienced a scenario like this? You land a discovery call with a solid prospect. You listen and ask pro questions and have a great conversation. You get off the call, send a budget-friendly proposal, and…crickets.

For the next two weeks you tell yourself patience is a virtue. You stay busy with other work and regular marketing. But you can’t stop thinking about getting ghosted.

Want to know how to handle getting ghosted? Here’s the script to break the silence.

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Hearing Crickets? Try These Freelance Pitch Tweaks That Get You to “Yes”

Freelance Pitch Tweaks That Get a Yes!

Are you scared to send cold pitches to drum up new business clients?

It made me nervous, too, when I quit my salaried job to write.

But my monthly income from freelancing was a disappointing $200 – I had to attract new business clients fast.

Cold pitch emails were my solution. In four months, my income skyrocketed to $4200 and I had four new clients.

Here are five strategies I used to conquer cold pitching with only a few writing clips under my belt.

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4 Writer Survival Tips for Freelancers Caught in the Waiting Game

4 Writer Survival Tips for Freelancers Caught in the Waiting GameYou know that amazing feeling when you write a terrific pitch to a potential editor or freelance writing client and then click send?

But then…you don’t get a response immediately.

One time, I actually said to myself, I sent them an email an hour ago, and they haven’t responded yet. Did they die? (They didn’t.)

The stress of waiting for a response can drive even the sanest freelance writer crazy.

But you don’t have to let it. Here are a few tactics I use to stay sane while I’m waiting to hear back:

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How to Follow Up on Article Queries (Without Being a Stalker)


For freelancers, waiting is the hardest part.

But editors receive too many unsolicited queries to respond to each one instantly. And some won’t respond at all unless a query catches their interest immediately.

Good ideas also fall by the wayside if they hit editors’ inboxes during deadline, while they’re on vacation, or if they’re out of the office at a conference or because of an unforeseen event, like an epic storm.

Sometimes it pays to follow up on article queries — as long as you do it in a way that doesn’t make you seem like a stalker.

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The Secret of My Proven Freelance Follow-Up System

It’s a question that plagues every freelance writer who’s trying to get new assignments. You send out a query letter or letter of introduction, to a magazine editor or a business’s marketing manager. And then, you wait. And wait and …

The Secret of My Proven Freelance Follow-Up System Read More »

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The Critical Networking Step Many Writers Miss

It’s confession time. This past week, I made a tragic error. I washed a pair of my husband’s pants.

Inside a small side pocket of the pants, it turned out, were about 30 business cards my hubby had collected at a big networking event several days before.

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