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A Genius Tip for Getting Hired at Your First Client Meeting

Master the client meeting with one genius tip.

Maybe it’s your first client meeting ever, and you’re petrified that you don’t know what to say. And you’ll come across like a dummy.

Or maybe you’ve taken scores of client meetings as a freelance writer — but you keep shooting blanks, and walking away without an assignment.

If you’re an experienced freelance writer, perhaps you’ve left too many first client meetings with the sneaky feeling that you’ve just been milked for an hour of free consulting. You could have charged hundreds for the advice, but you just gave it away, in hopes of impressing your prospect — and still didn’t get the gig.

If you’re any of these writers, I’ve got a piece of advice that’s going to save you time and help you land more clients.

You see, there’s a balance you need to strike in first client meetings between impressing the prospect that you’re smart, and being too helpful. So helpful that they get all the info they need in the meeting, and don’t have to hire you.

How can you impress clients fast, without giving away all your secrets? Here’s my approach:

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How I Found My First Freelance Writing Client — on Facebook

How I found my first freelance writing client on FacebookLike many new freelancers, I proudly hung my digital shingle out last year in the hopes of magically turning my love of writing and editing into a full-time job.

Sadly, my expectations didn’t meet the reality. My first six months were underwhelming, as I worked exclusively for family and friends.

I dreamed of expanding my business and finding clients on my own — but I was clueless how to market myself.

Then I got a great break on social media. Here’s how:

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