First Friday Link Party for Writers — Hot Summer Edition

Summer partyThe dog days of summer are here, and as a writer you might be thinking — how can I do something productive in this heat?

The answer is: Post your best recent blog post in the First Friday Link Party for Writers. This is your opportunity to get yourself some new readers while you also find some great new blogs to read.

I’ve been hearing great things from writers who’ve posted in the Link Party. So jump on in and participate!

Look forward to reading your blogs —




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58 comments on “First Friday Link Party for Writers — Hot Summer Edition
  1. I’m dealing with some third world internet at the moment and I tried to leave a reply on your comment but it’s not working. The Facebook group where your link party was mentioned was Dana Sitar’s writing group.

  2. I just voted for someone and the vote showed up on another entry…not the one I picked. Anyone else have that problem?

    • Michelle says:

      My screen doesn’t show any votes at all

      • Carol Tice says:

        After you vote, the ‘vote’ stars disappear because you can’t vote twice.

        Come back Monday to see top vote-getters and see who won!

        I may be traveling so I’m counting on all of you to tweet about the top posts. 😉

    • Carol Tice says:

      Hi Joseph – I don’t know how you could possibly tell that, since the system isn’t revealing votes yet! But never fear, they will be visible Monday for the top 10 vote-getters.

  3. Michelle says:

    Ok am I totally dense or what.
    I read a blog that I liked,
    I clicked on the link, it brings me back to this page,
    but I don’t see any way to vote for that person.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Carol Tice says:

      Instead of clicking their link, you want to click on the little star that says “vote” next to it to cast your vote. If you can’t see that, try another browser. Firefox works great.

      We’ll see results for the top 10 winners by Monday, so come on back to check that out! The posts will reorganize by number of votes and stay that way…so top vote-getters get a nice prominent spot on this post that lasts forever. 😉

  4. Julie Anne says:


    I’m assuming it’s too late to enter the contest now? If so, I hope you have another one soon. It’s too bad I didn’t check my email until Saturday morning.


    • Carol Tice says:

      As the instructions note, Julie Anne, posting is for 24 hrs starting 6 am Friday. Then we vote all weekend! Just another reason to open my emails promptly… 😉 But set your calendar for the next first Friday of the month and bring us your best post! Would love to have you on the party.

  5. Thanks a bunch for setting this up, Carol! I heard about the link party in a writing group I’m in on Facebook. What a great way to expose writers to other writers-excited to check out everyone’s posts.

    • Carol Tice says:

      How cool — what writer group? I really haven’t checked out groups on Facebook much and would love to know. Probably folks I should get acquainted with!

  6. Michelle says:

    Silly question…how do you vote?? Or does it just keep track of how many times people click on the link? This is a great idea, Carol, thank you for hosting the party!

  7. Oops, I did it wrong. Anyway I can edit? I put my name in the blog post name. Wasn’t thinking : (

  8. Alicia says:

    This is really cool. I’ve never seen this before. Just submitted a link!

    • Carol Tice says:

      Welcome aboard Alicia! I gather link parties are big in a lot of girl DIY home decor type blogs, but I’d never seen any for our niche and I’m thrilled to host this. I find a lot of great blogs myself reading through these, and I think the post selection is getting better each month!

  9. Karen S says:

    rats! I entered my name instead of my post name.
    jeez…..first timers #&#&

    • Karen S says:

      fixed it.

      • Hi Karen, I did that too but I can’t seem to fix it. Tried hovering at my post and no delete option coming up. How did you do it? Otherwise I’ll give up and take it as a lesson learned for next time 😉

        • Angie says:

          Hi, Nillu –

          There should be a tiny little red “X” next to your post title. If you click on that, it’ll ask you if you’re sure you want to delete.

          And Carol: Thanks so much for hosting these link parties! I can’t wait to have time to read these posts!

          • Thanks Angie – I took part in the June link party and thought I remembered that but for some reason it isn’t showing up this time. Never mind. Thanks for the tip and look forward to reading your post

        • Karen S says:

          Please don’t give up. Just click on the red X and start over!

      • Carol Tice says:

        Yay! Glad to hear someone can see the red ‘x’ for deleting.

  10. I’m sorry to anyone who’s been trying to get to my site in the past hour to read the “How to Become Creatively Stagnant in 10 Easy Steps” post — it was down for a bit, but Roaring Bird is back up now!

    Cheers! -E

  11. Sherri says:

    Can I link to a newspaper article (pdf) on my Google Drive or does it have to be a blog post? Thanks!

    • Carol Tice says:

      Please make it a blog post. It’s a blog linkup — thanks!

      Also, you’d need to post a link to the party page on your PDF, so I’m assuming that wouldn’t be doable anyway.

  12. Tracy says:

    Okay, I’m kind of a newbie so have to say I am proud of myself for figuring this out. Great idea Carol, I look forward to checking out these blogs!

    • Carol Tice says:

      I’m proud of you too, Tracy! Tackling new technology is a skill 21st Century writers need to cultivate for freelance success. Just another reason I love the link party.

  13. Erica says:

    Hi Carol, I appreciate it every time you host your link party. And thanks to everyone who participates — I love reading through all your blogs.


  14. Hi Carol,

    this is such a great opportunity and I am excited to discover new blogs. I had trouble with the code too but I see you’ve just adjusted that and the comments helped too.

    I also posted under my name rather than the title of my post. I’m at no.22. Is it possible for me or you to delete the entry so I can try again? Sorry to be a pain.


    • Carol Tice says:

      Nillu, I believe you should have the ability to delete your own link and re-post…try it out. I’m headed out on vacation and am not going to be able to play admin on this! Need folks to read & follow the directions so they get the best promo out of their link.

  15. Carol Tice says:

    OK folks — covered in shame here that once again I am late getting my link widget up! But it IS up now…check it out.

    I want to applaud the creativity and hustle shown by these first 19 link posters to figure out how to get it done without the link widget! You’ve got what it takes to make it as freelancers. 😉

    And I also want to say…blown away by the enticing headlines this time! I think the link party is accomplishing one of my goals already — to teach readers about how important headlines are and to encourage you to work harder on them. Just look at these tasty titles! Nice job, all.

    I’ve been pulling hair out dealing with some technical fails with the class I just launched…and it feels like a big hug to see all of you hanging in with me even though I screwed up the tech end of this party ( yet again!).

    Hope you all enjoy reading these tasty-lookin’ posts and voting this weekend for your faves.

  16. Mikalee says:

    Now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend — browsing through these amazing links! Thank you, Carol — what a great idea for your community of readers.

  17. Ruksana says:

    Hi, how is everyone doing this? I dont see a link and I am unable to backlink to this as well.

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks so much for hosting! Great ideas linked up..looking fwd to clicking over to read several now.

    Be well and have a great weekend.

  19. I’m a fairly new reader here, but this is so fun/cool. I’m going to spend my whole weekend reading these great posts from everyone!

  20. Rhonda says:

    For those of you looking for a link: I just manually added a link to the bottom of my post. I worked. Since I missed last month due to the missing link, I figured it would be a good idea to find a way to fix it. Hope this helps

  21. Anca Dumitru says:

    Just like last month, I don’t see the link party code. I just clicked on the “Or use the new Add link method ?” and added my URL and image that way. Apparently in worked.

    • I’ve never had trouble finding the code before, but this time it’s nowhere to be found! I used the code from the 4th of July edition to get it to work.

  22. From my own experience, I can back up what Carol says about her Link Parties – you do pick up new followers and you do find other cool blogs to follow.

  23. I don’t see one either.

  24. Hi Carol

    I love your link party and want to join in but I can’t see the link party code. Is it up yet?