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5 Urgent Mindset Fixes for the Recession-Proof Freelancer

Free E-Book for Writers: Recession-Proof Freelancer: A 12-Point Plan for Thriving in Hard Times. Makealivingwriting.comHave you been wondering how to keep your writing biz alive in the current craziness of COVID-19, isolation, and economic recession? This doesn’t have to take down your career — you can become a recession-proof freelancer.


It begins by killing the toxic, negative thoughts running around in your head. The fears that are keeping you paralyzed.

In large part, earning well in hard times is a mind game. Your attitude and how you respond to what’s happening will determine whether you thrive despite it all, or you fold your tent and give up.

I know it’s true, because this isn’t my first recession rodeo. Know when I first became a six-figure freelance writer? In the depths of the last recession, around 2008-’10.

(I unpack that whole story in my new, free e-book The Recession-Proof Freelancer – grab your copy here.)

So. You can earn well during bad economic times. I’m living proof.

But many will not. Their negative mindset will do them in. You’ll soon see them bagging groceries for minimum wage.

How can you acquire the winning attitude of a recession-proof freelancer, and earn well in the coming year? Here are five toxic thoughts, and the fixes that banish them:

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Productivity Tips: How One Pro Cranks Out 2 Novels a Year

Productivity Tips for Writers From a Pro Novelist. Makealivingwriting.comEver wonder what productivity tips help some writers crank out a ton of content?

You know…maybe it seems like it takes you forever to write a blog post, an article, or a letter of introduction.

And while you’re struggling, there seems to be other writers who keep churning out great content…and making more money. Yes?

So what’s the secret? Is there some mysterious book of productivity tips you haven’t heard about? Or some sinister plot to keep those secrets hidden from freelancers trying to move up and earn more?

If the thought has crossed your mind, you’re not alone.

So what if you could peek inside the mind of a highly-productive writer and learn their productivity tips for success?

You might see your own journey as a freelancer a little differently. Maybe even shed some old habits, change the story you’re telling yourself, and get more work done.

Looking for productivity tips? Here’s how one freelance writer cranks out two novels a year, publishes a weekly newsletter, and inspires hope for freelance writers everywhere…

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Getting Ghosted? Use This Writer’s Script to Break the Silence

Getting Ghosted? Use This Writer's Script. Makealivingwriting.comGetting ghosted by freelance writing prospects?

It happens. And it’s happening a lot more during the COVID-19 craziness.

Some businesses have closed or downsized. Editors and marketing directors are scrambling to adjust to a different publishing environment.

And even without a pandemic in process, there’s a million other reasons you might be getting ghosted by a prospect that sounded promising.

  • What can you do if a hot prospect goes quiet?
  • How do you follow up without sounding desperate or pushy?

The right answers to these questions can turn dead ends into paying gigs.

Ghosting happens to everyone, even to top-earning freelance writers. You might think you did something wrong, quoted too high, or said something offensive. But that’s almost never the case after a positive call with a prospect.

Want to know how to handle getting ghosted? Here’s the script to break the silence.

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Freelance Work Freak-Out? 5 Surprising Tips from a Pro

Surprising Tips to Get Freelance Work. Makealivingwriting.comFeeling like you’re in the middle of a freelance work freakout?

You know…the horror-movie type of freakout where the lead character is running around screaming, tearing their hair out, and making rash decisions.

For writers, it might look something like this…

You’re desperately trying to get freelance work. You’re worried about your current clients. Maybe you’ve been ghosted by a solid prospect ever since COVID-19 hit. Or that check you were expecting for a project still hasn’t shown up.

Sound familiar?

If you’re having one of these freakout moments, it’s time to take a step back. Clear your mind. Think. Go for a run. Now is not the time for making hair-on-fire decisions.

In fact, you can still make a good living as a freelance writer. And it doesn’t have to take years to get there.

Freelance writer Jessica Mehta hit the six-figure freelancer goal as a relative newbie. Want to know how she did it? Check out these surprising tips to move up and earn more.

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Freelance Writing Jobs: 39 Online Magazines That Pay $100+

Freelance Writing Jobs for Online Magazines. Makealivingwriting.comWondering where to find your next freelance writing jobs during COVID-19 craziness?

You’re not the only one. It’s a volatile time for almost everybody. But businesses, magazines, and digital publications still have freelance writing jobs they need to fill.

In many niches, the demand for well-written articles and writers who know how to dig up solid research, interview sources, and hit tight deadlines is even greater than pre-pandemic.

How do you get some of that work? There’s an old-school skill that works in any economic environment. Pitch great story ideas to editors.

And if you don’t get a response right away…keep going. Just about every editor is scrambling to fill their editorial calendars right now.

Show up in their inbox with a fresh idea, and you’re a lot more likely to land freelance writing jobs than if you sit back and do nothing until “things get better.” Make sense? Good.

To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of 39 digital magazines you can pitch right now. Check out the list and get to work.

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Content Marketing Crisis? 6 Viral Methods to Help Your Clients

Viral Methods to Help Clients with Content Marketing. Makealivingwriting.comWorried about content marketing work drying up and clients freezing budgets for freelancers?

If you’re scared, worried, anxious, or afraid, you’re not alone.

Your first instincts may be to grab onto anything you can to stay afloat and spam pitches scattershot-style

Maybe you’re thinking about going back to content mills even though you swore you never would. Or maybe you’re ready to give up on the dream of being a freelance writer.

Stop right there. When you act from a state of fear, you’re forgetting about the people who may be hurting even more than you are:

Your clients. They’re used to one job and a steady paycheck. And that does sound like a content marketing crisis. Chances are pretty good they’re not sure if it’s time to close the doors, cut back, or ramp up content marketing.

Want to know how you can help? It might seem counterintuitive, but now is the perfect time for some one-to-one contact, transmitting positive vibes, and spreading good karma to help your clients. Here’s how it’s done:

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